Sunday, July 15


Donald Jackson, Revelation

Donald Jackson, Artistic Director and Illuminator, The Saint John’s Bible

Illuminating the Word – One Calligrapher’s Dream Project
Donald Jackson talks about The Saint John’s Bible and his life in letters.

Read more about Donald Jackson and view his artwork.

Open to the Public ($15)

Tickets for the public for Donald Jackson’s presentation will be available on the Seattletters website in the Spring.






Thursday, July 19


Mike GoldMike Gold, Senior Lettering Designer, American Greetings

Calligraphy is Flourishing: More Than You Might Guess

Jeffrey Dietch, who curated Calligraffiti shows in New York both in 1984 and 2013, has said that “a calligraphic impulse has been behind some of the greatest works of Modern art.”

That calligraphic impulse is alive today not only in traditional calligraphy circles, but also in the work of artists doing work not always thought of as calligraphy: graffiti artists, painters of all kinds, commercial hand lettering artists, among others.

At a time when the future of handwriting and calligraphy is being questioned, and many artists have moved away from doing traditional calligraphic work and the calligraphy world as we know it, I want to show how the spirit of calligraphy is alive and flourishing in many ways and many artists.

Read more about Mike Gold and view his artwork.