Seattletters for Half the Week

May 25, 2018

If you are interested in attending Seattletters for just half the week, we have some wonderful class opportunities open! Check out the website for what classes still have some room. Please note, you can only sign up for classes designed to be half week, you cannot sign up for a full week class and only come for half.

Email us that you are interested in a half week option, and which half (July 14 – July 17, or July 17 – 21).

Complete registration in this way:

1) Fill out the registration and tuition form as a full week double or commuter (single not available).

2) Choose classes based on availability; first half of the week are B classes, second half C classes. In order to “force” the system to accept your choices, you must fill out both halves of the week, but just make sure the class you really want is selected, and that you have notified us of the correct half and pay the appropriate fee.

3) On payment form, choose PayPal or check. For the amount, use this payment schedule:

a) Commuter, either half; first half (B) includes dinner on Saturday July 14 and opening program, class Sunday (lunch and dinner), Monday (lunch and dinner) and Tuesday morning (lunch), and parking; second half (C) includes dinner on Tuesday July 17, class Wednesday (lunch and dinner), Thursday (lunch and dinner) and Friday morning (lunch), and parking. Rate for either half is $675.

b) Resident, double occupancy; first half (B classes) includes room (3 nights) and meals (from dinner Saturday July 14 through lunch Tuesday July 17) and class on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning. Rate for first half is $765.

c) Resident, double occupancy; second half (C classes) includes room (4 nights) and meals (from dinner July 17 through breakfast July 21) and class on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning. Rate for second half is $840.

4) Although there will be a balance remaining on your account, we will manually adjust it to reflect the half week rate.

5) Fill out the Conference Preferences form.

6) Fill out you travel form. Again, use the default settings for arrival/departure dates; we will make notes in the database. If you are arriving/departing by air, you can put the actual dates in. If you are arriving by automobile, notify us of the dates in a separate email.

If you have any questions, please email us.

We hope this allows more people to be able to attend Seattletters.

Katherine Malmsten and Sue Gruhn, Co-Directors