As an international conference, we are pleased to present classes taught by the following invited instructors from five different countries. A wide range of hands, as well as utilization of them, offer something for every skill level. View the Classes page for class descriptions and other information.

Georgia Angelopoulos  ▪  Yukimi Annand  ▪  Pat Blair  ▪  Denis Brown
Annie Cicale  ▪  Lee Ann Clark  ▪  Ewan Clayton  ▪  Barbara Close
Kristen Doty  ▪  Carol DuBosch  ▪  Reggie Ezell  ▪  Mike Gold
Louise Grunewald  ▪  Randall Hasson  ▪  Judy Melvin  ▪  Suzanne Moore
Cherryl Moote  ▪  Amity Parks  ▪  Sally Penley  ▪  Massimo Polello
Carl Rohrs  ▪  Peter Thornton  ▪  Elsi Vassdal Ellis  ▪  Diane von Arx
Julian Waters  ▪  Sheila Waters  ▪  Rebecca Wild  ▪  Sharon Zeugin

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