As an international conference, we are pleased to present classes taught by the following invited instructors from five different countries. A wide range of hands, as well as utilization of them, offer something for every skill level. View the Classes page for class descriptions and other information.

We regret to announce that Sheila Waters is unable to teach at Seattletters, due to health issues. Traveling and conference classes are becoming too burdensome, and she is choosing to limit her teaching to her home masterclasses. We wish her well and will miss her at our gathering.

Georgia Angelopoulos  ▪  Yukimi Annand  ▪  Pat Blair  ▪  Denis Brown
Annie Cicale  ▪  Lee Ann Clark  ▪  Ewan Clayton  ▪  Barbara Close
Kristen Doty  ▪  Carol DuBosch  ▪  Reggie Ezell  ▪  Mike Gold
Louise Grunewald  ▪  Randall Hasson  ▪  Judy Melvin  ▪  Suzanne Moore
Cherryl Moote  ▪  Amity Parks  ▪  Sally Penley  ▪  Massimo Polello
Carl Rohrs  ▪  Jane Shibata  ▪ Peter Thornton  ▪  Elsi Vassdal Ellis
Diane von Arx ▪  Julian Waters  ▪  Rebecca Wild  ▪  Sharon Zeugin

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