Kristen DotyKristen Doty

2.5 Days
$30 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Kristen Doty is an artist with a passion for drawing, painting and calligraphy. Her works have been in juried exhibitions and published in magazines, including International Artist Magazine, Drawing Magazine, and Letter Arts Review; and in books including the Strokes of Genius – The Best of Drawing book series (Vols. 2, 3, & 6), as well as prints, posters, greeting cards, logos and book titles.

She enjoys sharing her passion by teaching at conferences and workshops across the USA and abroad, including Belgium, Canada and Japan. Her teaching emphasis is to promote learning in a fun, encouraging, and relaxed atmosphere while also building a solid knowledge of techniques and developing skills students can utilize and integrate in their own work.

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Kristen Doty

Class Description

Watercolor is the perfect medium for calligraphy and lettering. Beautiful luminous washes, colors, styles and techniques offer an exciting array of nearly endless possibilities to the calligraphic artist. In this class, we will explore basic and interesting watercolor technique exercises that will improve your watercolor knowledge and skills. We will delve into color mixing and color theory using a double split primary palette, also learning how to avoid (or create) “mud”. Techniques will be added together for illustration and painterly or abstract effects and also combined with calligraphy. Layering and bleeding will be addressed. Finally, your exercises will be bound together in a simple no-sew design to form a book for future reference. This unique structure allows for pages to be removed later so they can further be painted and lettered on, rearranged to change the page order, or replaced altogether and put back into the book. These explorations will spark ideas leading to many possibilities awaiting your discovery!

Supply List

Round Watercolor brushes: (assorted sizes small, medium, large – i.e. #3, 6, & 10)
Flat watercolor brush ½”
C-1 & C-2 Speedball nibs and holder
Your favorite calligraphy nibs (e.g., pointed pens, ruling pens, other) & holders
Nib loading brush
Unusual calligraphy tools (e.g., ruling pens, ruling writers, or butterfly)
2B graphite pencil & eraser
Old synthetic round brush (small – medium size)
Small bar of soap (motel soap is perfect)
1½” & 3/4” masking tape (colored painter’s tape is OK)
Board for support at least 12” x 16” is a good size– gatorboard (preferred), plywood, masonite, etc. 15 x 19” or 18 x 24” is a more usable size overall, but might not fit in suitcase if you are flying!
Water container(s)
Paper towels
Pigma Micron felt tip pen, Black, 01 or 03
X-acto knife or snap-off knife

Bone Folder (extremely helpful)
1” Flat watercolor or 2” Hake brush
Small empty spray bottle (for water)
Blow dryer & extension cord (classroom will determine usage)
Stapler with regular staples (if you bring a board you can staple into)
A few of your favorite gouache colors and/or watercolors, or compact watercolor travel set (however, all watercolor paints and paper needed will be provided)
Half sheet of watercolor paper -must be 100% cotton, 90# or 140# (your preference of surface: Cold Press, Soft Press, or Hot Press)

The $30 supply fee includes exemplars, take-home palettes and artist quality watercolors & gouache, assortment of cotton watercolor papers, book cover papers, and other misc. items.


Kristen Doty Kristen DotyKristen Doty

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