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5 Days
$5 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Peter Thornton has been a full time professional Calligrapher and teacher for over 45 years and has taught throughout Europe and the USA, South Africa, Japan and Hong Kong as well as 25 International Calligraphy Conferences. He still teaches 2 day, 3 day and longer w/shops as well as small private classes in his home studio here in Cleveland, TN. on Traditional Gilding, Letterforms and Layout and Design.

Peter Thornton

Class Description

This five-day workshop will be a gentle and logical introduction to Versals and its modern prodigy, Built-Up letters.

Working first in pencil, with its forgiving fluidity, on the traditional 12-14th century FORMS, before moving on to the pen and color and some of the many Versal variants. A feature of the class will be the production of a Contemporary Decorated Letter using pencils, fine-line markers, ruling pens and the subtlety of watercolors.

These rich and decorative letters will lead us naturally into the more useful, functional and flexible Built Up letterforms that are an important tool in the calligrapher’s armory.

As the Versal form gains its visual appeal with strong, fluid and colorful FORMS – the Built- Up letter achieves its visual interest in its continual ability to adapt and ‘better serve the words’, with innovation being a major factor.

Throughout the five day class, with all the variants offered, we shall focus on a method of study and not simply a style of writing. There will be much personal instruction, class demos, projects and exercises and students will be encouraged to proceed at their own pace and enthusiasms.

Supply List

Layout pad (Borden and Riley #37 Bright White)
4 to 6 sheets of Arches MBM and/or Fabriano Ingres and/or any good Water Color paper
1 or 2 sheets of black paper (Fab Ingres)
Black and/or Walnut ink (A stick ink would be useful but not essential)
Dr Martins Bleed Proof White or Dr Martins Pen White
Speedball C-2 and C-3. Brause or Tape 1mm, 1.5mm, 2 mm or Rexel size 4, 3.5, 3, and 2.5 plus reservoirs
H and HB pencils and sharpening tools
Gouache and Watercolors of your color choice (A double primary palette and a neutral tint would be helpful in watercolors)
Fine pointed brushes size 2 and 4 and an old brush for loading your nibs
Mixing palette or dishes
Ruling pen


Peter Thornton Peter Thornton Peter Thornton

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