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5 Days
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Instructor Bio

Diane is a teacher, a letter-maker and graphic designer, producing expresssive lettering and developing Corporate Marks. She creates resolutions & documents of recognition for corporations and institutions.  She has taught calligraphy and related classes throughout the U.S. and in Canada, Japan and Australia and has been on the faculty of many of the international calligraphy conferences.

She began her graphic career working for eight years in a package design studio in Minneapolis, creating original product lettering such as Nature Valley Granola®, Count Chocula®, Franken Berry® and Yoplait® Light for General Mills. Her work is in private and public collections and has been widely published including in the 2016 anthology, The Calligraphy Revival and in the 22nd and 23rd Editions of the Speedball Textbook.

She was part of the artistic team invited to create Illuminations for The Saint John’s Bible. As Artistic Director for the donor volume, she was designer, scribe and illuminator for this eighth and companion volume The Book of Honor, which she completed in 2015.

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Diane von Arx

Class Description

Enhance your Italic writing by expanding your use of this versatile hand; not by using new and different tools, but by taking command of your own tools and capitalizing on the knowledge you already have. Utilize this one hand to create an infinite number of expressive hands that will provide for you a large variety of possibilities.

We will polish the lettering, compress, extend, slant and generally experiment with textures so participants should be quite comfortable with the Italic hand. We’ll discuss the suitability of variations in use for a specific project and consider the appropriateness of textures as they relate to the participants’ chosen text.

Bring to class your existing proficiency and prepare to strengthen and experiment with this familiar hand. This is a real eye opening experience for participants!

For everyone’s comfort, please arrive in class fragrance free!

Supply List

Variety of sizes of pen nibs with holders, to include Speedball C-0 through C-4 or similar
Several extra wide tools, such as Coit or Automatic Sign Pen
Your favorite ink
Layout paper such as Borden & Riley #37
Prepared text of approx. 100 words
Slant or lap board
Paper towel or rags
Water container
Several tubes of your favorite gouache
Several sheets of your favorite good paper (same size as your layout pad)
1 sheet of black paper (same size as your layout pad)


Diane von Arx Diane von ArxDiane von Arx

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