Yukimi Annand

Yukimi Annand

5 Days
$10 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Yukimi Annand is a calligrapher, lettering and book artist based in Southern California. She grew up in Japan and has a communication design background. She is passionate about the beauty of Roman alphabet and creates unique artwork with her love of calligraphic mark-making incorporated with nature. She has been experimenting with the usage of tools and mediums to expand her world of calligraphy.

Her work has been frequently shown in Letter Arts Review as well as other calligraphic journals and books and has been included in calligraphy collections in Berlin, San Francisco, and Moscow.

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Yukimi AnnadClass Description

There are beautiful and unique forms all around in this world. I ask myself why don’t I create unique letterform influenced by those forms and write a word, words and texts to express my feeling into calligraphic arts. As calligraphers, we have been practicing to draw beautiful strokes by hand and to arrange them as letters, and write texts with harmony. I believe if those strokes are formed by individuals, the result of writing with them will be more unique and expressive than writing with someone’s already developed letterforms.

In this workshop, we will start by making various lines and marks with different tools and find preferable tools for each individual. Then we will imitate the lines and marks that are found in nature with our chosen tools, and develop alphabets that correspond. We will write texts with those letterforms while imitating the natural textures. The natural textures may be even, uneven, and sometimes very dynamic. We will exercise to develop different formations of textures by writing text with our developed letterforms. In the course of the workshop, basic design, layout and composition as well as usage of color and mediums will be presented, and we will make several experimental calligraphic pieces.

Supply List

Pencil #2(HB), eraser, ruler
Sumi ink (Fueki bokuju green bottle recommended)
White paint (gouache or Dr. Martins bleed proof white)
Pipettes, dishes for ink and paint, mixing brush, water container
Rag or paper towel, newspaper or tarp for table

Strathmore charcoal paper (300 series 11” x 17”) about 30 sheets or more
Arches text wove or Arches MBM paper (white 105 gsm), two full sheets
Black Ingres paper 1 to 2 full sheets

Automatic pen #4 or #5
Flat brush (½” and/or 1”)
Pencil HB, 2B and woodless graphite pencil
White china marker
Calligraphy pen – any kind of chisel and pointed nibs and holders
Cola pen, any kind of folded pen (New Horizon folded nib recommended)
Middle size (size 5 to 7) pointed brush
Tools from nature: twigs, pine needles, seeds pots, sticks, seashells, stones, etc
Any tools you wish to make marks

Watercolor, acrylic ink (any brand) and/or Golden fluid acrylic paint: two or three colors
Elmer’s School glue 4 fl oz or smaller
Small pointed brush
2” soft flat brush
One or two 6 well plastic palettes

Binder clips, double stick tape, masking tape, glue stick, bone folder,
Cutter knife and cutting board
Pointed needle tool or tapered awl

Your chosen text: about three texts (15-40 words) and/or several sentences from a book

Shared Mediums, Black and white acrylic paint, matte medium, school glue
*Please do not spend fortune to buy new materials and tools that you are not sure to be useful.

The $10 supply fee includes white and black fluid acrylic paint, acrylic ink, matte medium, gesso, PVA, modeling paste, set of balsa sticks, and Japanese calligraphy paper.


Yukimi Annand

Yukimi Annad

Yukimi Annad

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