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5 Days
$32 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Suzanne Moore is a printmaker, painter and lettering artist whose eclectic interests fuse in the diversity of her artists’ books. Born to a family of gifted inventor-engineers and raised in post-Sputnik middle-America, her aptitudes in math and science channeled her into those areas at an early age. She made her way into the world of art at 20-something, and earned a BFA in Printmaking and Drawing in Wisconsin. Suzanne melds word and painted image with form, content and structure into spaces which invite the reader to engage, examine and inquire. Her books blend distinctive design, color use and surface treatments with textual content and contemporary lettering to create work that obscures the line between word and image, legibility and abstraction.

Suzanne Moore

Class Description

classical / experimental . . . legible / abstract . . . riotous color / muted tones . . .
grainy / fluid . . . tiny / grand . . . . . . mysterious / clear . . . chiaroscuro / mono-toned . . . defined / loose . . . dense / open . . . fine / rough . . . constructed / cursive

Each aspect of lettering design is key to the success of the whole – and exploring areas of contrast can give a design distinction and depth. Just as voices singing in harmony or musical instruments in a quartet, band or orchestra, each of the parts (singers/players) offers a distinct contribution to the sound. So do the elements of a lettering design each play an key part in the success of the whole.

Through a series of specific exercises, we will explore ways to apply contrasts in designing a series of pages, to be housed in a portfolio or simply bound into a book. A broad selection of tools and materials – pastels to fluid acrylics, for calligraphic “drawing”, to brushes and big sticks contrasted with work in tiny pointed nibs – will provide opportunities for lettering and design applications unique to each student.

Supply List

Bone folder
Ruler (18” see-thru, if you have it, and can pack it)
Soft eraser
2H or 3H pencil
Small break-off knife (or X-acto with extra blades)
Dr. Martins palette (or other palette with wells)
Cheap nylon mixing brushes (small kid’s brushes with colored plastic handles are great)
A couple of quirky mark-making tools from your studio
The largest tool, or brush you have (for use with acrylics and/or sumi/gouache mix)
Container (preferably recycled, with a lid) to accommodate ink or paint for largest tool (I got a wide, narrow plastic “tray”, with cover on a recent plane trip)
Spray bottle (with fine mist) 8 – 12oz or so (you can get this at an art supply store; often recycled ones are great)
Recycled yogurt/ice cream container with lid (gelato jar?)
Large water ‘tub” -1 to 2qt (yogurt container)
Small water jar
Plastic pipette
Jet Black gouache or a small tube of color gouache
Small (broad-edge) nibs, and your fave pointed nibs (if you use them)
Bring one tool (you own or made) that you have always wanted to use, and one or two of your favorite tools for example: brush (pointed or wide), folded pen, stick, shell – anything you know and use very well

ONLY if you have it, and you want to pack it (I will bring some for use in class):
“Fineline” squeeze bottle or other fine-tip bottle for fluid media
A few pencils and/or graphite sticks of varying soft/hardness
Small amount: a “fave” color of fluid acrylic
Speedball C-0 or C-1 nibs, a few large broad-edge nibs (whatever brand you like)
2 or 3 nylon brushed for painting: round, fine and medium (#1-#4; wedge (angled nylon) 1/4” or 3/8”

Contrast and Juxtaposition / Materials prepared and brought by Suzanne
PLEASE NOTE: most essential materials are covered by the $32 supply fee.

To simplify your packing, lighten your load, and hopefully save a bit of dough, Suzanne will bring:
Pre-cut Arches Text Wove
Bugra and some miscellaneous papers for you to play with
Acrylics: gesso, fluid acrylics
Methyl Cellulose (prepared)
A variety of mediums + varnish (for sizing)
A variety of graphite and conte sticks, colored pencils, NuPastels
Sumi ink
Tool-making options
PVA and double-stick adhesives
Sewing materials for collage and pamphlet sewing
Papers for wrappers & covers

. . . and some tools for your use in class:
Small mixing brushes (and a few extra Dr. Martin’s palettes)
Spray bottles
Plastic for tables
Drying sheets
Nibs and mark-making tools of various sizes
Various brushes (small and larger nylon) for painting/lettering
Extra water tubs
Recycled plastic containers
Bone folders
Miscellaneous tools
Fineline squeeze bottles
Cutting mat
Metal straight edge

Extra papers will be available in the classroom, for those speedy folks who need it.

Suzanne will send out a letter to students with a pre-class assignment and any additional information.


Suzanne Moore Suzanne Moore Suzanne Moore

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