Sharon Zeugin

Sharon Zeugin

5 Days
All Levels
$15 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Born and raised in Northern California, I have been a naturalized Austinite (Texas) for the past 30 years. With a degree in History and a Masters in Social Work, I decided to cast my lot with calligraphy and art, studying at the Roehampton Institute in 1997-98. Since then I have taught calligraphy, sketching, art journaling and mixed media art all over the USA, Canada and Italy, as well as locally in my studio and at the Austin Museum of Art School. My award winning work has been exhibited nationally and Internationally, and appears in the following publications: Letter Arts Review, the Calligrapher’s Engagement Calendar, Somerset Magazine and the Lark Book “The Art & Craft of Hand Lettering,” and the latest edition of the Speedball Textbook. Besides calligraphy, teaching, drawing, painting and inventing scripts (Grackles, anyone?), I love swimming, playing music, writing, dancing and drumming with the Samba School–and perfecting my Cajun two-step with my husband Clark.

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Sharon Zeugin

Class Description

Sketchbooks and Journals are a time-honored way of making “on the go” art. Beginning with an attitude of adventure, students in this class will learn how to combine drawn, painted and collaged images with handwriting and lettering to create lively, beautiful and uniquely personal pages in a blank book. Class exercises will include gesture and contour drawing, Sketching basics, as well as simple watercolor and collage techniques. A lettering component will include handwriting, a cursive monoline Italic and casual monoline Roman Capitals. No prior art experience? No problem! This class is meant for all levels. The main emphasis will be on getting over the fear of the blank page, using what we already know, and exploring new ideas as well as gaining experience in composition. Be prepared to be on the go in this class as we will be going outdoors for inspiration.

At a glance:

On the Go sketching, calligraphy and art journaling

Topics covered: Composition, basic drawing, casual calligraphy, watercolor and collage

All levels of experience welcome.

Class projects will include creating an accordion sketchbook with hard covers.

Supply List

1 9×12″ Strathmore (brand) Visual Journal
Niji brand Waterbrush, medium pointed tip
Watercolor palette
01 or 03 (or equivalent) waterproof pen, Black or Sepia
HB pencil
4B or 6B pencil
A few water-soluble pencils (Derwent Inktense, for example)
A large sheet of Arches Hot Press 90# watercolor paper (this may change)
Pan Pastels (if you have them. DON’T purchase–you can use mine)
Lamy Safari Pen, medium or fine point
A red, orange, yellow or white crayon
White china marker (if you have one–a white crayon will work, too!)
1 Elegant Marker (calligraphy) size 3 or 2.5
Any fun calligraphy tools you would like to bring. I love a small Brause, Mitchell or Speedball nib
Walnut Ink
Collage materials
Glue stick (for collage)
Bookbinding needles
Special paper for cover (if you have it)

The $15 supply fee includes spiral bound notes, book boards, special markers, collage papers, tyvek and gold leaf.


Sharon Zeugin Sharon Zeugin Sharon Zeugin

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