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5 Days
All Levels
$25 Supply Fee

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Rebecca Wild is a Pacific NW artist and calligrapher from the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. A calligrapher since 1981, her work pairs a love of letter forms with the luminous characteristics of drawing materials and paint. She finds the pencil as seductive as the pen. It is at the intersection of these interests where her art finds fertile ground. She uses text as a tool for both conveying message and creating abstraction. Her work is greatly influenced by nature and the marine environment where she lives. Originally from West Virginia, she has a B.A. in studio art from Southern Methodist University. She was an art and calligraphy instructor in Portland, Oregon for 25 years and now teaches workshops for guilds and art centers throughout the West Coast. Rebecca is an enthusiastic and organized instructor whose emphasis on process and technique is infused with creativity and encouragement.

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Rebecca Wild

Class Description

Embark on an enlightening art exploration that combines nature inspired words and images. Learn to combine hand cut stencils, handwriting and calligraphy on paper to produce a series of small format pieces. You will transform drawing materials, acrylic paint, medium, and various resist techniques to create multiple transparent layers that sandwich the elements of image, text and texture. These richly layered pieces have a striking print-like quality. All the user-friendly techniques you will learn link together to allow endless opportunity for individual expression. Through a series of detailed demonstrations and clear written instructions you will gain the skills and confidence to continue your art practice long after the workshop is over. You will complete this class with fresh ideas and techniques and a hand-constructed portfolio to house your new body of work.

Supply List

Several images or silhouettes of objects from the natural world. Try to choose images that aren’t very complex such as leaves, fruit, birds, etc. We will cut simple stencils from contact paper using an exacto knife based on these shapes. Bring images no bigger than 3” x 4”. (Coloring books can be good sources)

Nature inspired words
4H, 2B, 6B pencils (or similar variety of graphite pencils)
Pencil sharpener
Calligraphy and lettering tools
Sumi ink
A twin tip, black fine/ultra-fine Sharpie Marker. If you already own some black waterproof pens (test them) bring those instead if they are similar sizes to the Sharpie.
Tuff Stuff eraser or Pentel Click Eraser or similar
Staedtler Mars White Plastic eraser
Kneaded eraser
Scrap paper 20 sheets (8 ½ x 11 is fine) This can be used copy paper not printed on one side.
½ sheet of sandpaper 220 or finer. This will be for grinding stick pastels. If you use Pan Pastels you won’t need sandpaper.
A flat, water color or acrylic brush approximately 1” or bigger. Will be used with acrylic paint. Should be soft bristles.
I like the Dick Blick Scholastic Wonder White Flat or Bright #20. Serial #05380-1020.
Pointed brush size 2 or similar
Paint palette
Water jar
Small scrap of a soft, fine weave cotton rag
Wiping rag for brushes or paper towels
Sharp x–acto knife #11 or similar with extra blades
(Self-healing) plastic cutting board any size
Roll of Scotch Magic Tape ¾” green label (must be this brand, size and kind) Do not buy blue label removable.
Roll of 1” blue painters tape or Frog tape
Metal ruler with cork backing or a cheap wooden ruler with a metal edge
Soft Pastels not oil pastels or 2-3 warm colors and 2-3 cool colors of your choice. Pan pastels are expensive but fantastic. A small set of Alpha Color Pastels brand works fine. Choose deep hues that are saturated with color. Avoid pale hues. Avoid Nupastel brand. (Rebecca will bring extra stick pastels to share)
A small set of Prismacolor artist’s quality colored pencils or 2 warm and 2 cool colors. (or similar non- water soluble brand)
Paper sack to use as a garbage can
A hair dryer if you have one. This will expedite drying paint and medium.
Be thinking of color palettes that appeal to you.

Rebecca will provide the artist paper you will work on.

An assortment of pointed and flat brushes
Broad edge graphite pencils
Drafting brush
Small sharp scissors
Acrylic pens
If using Pan Pastels bring applicator tools

The $25 supply fee includes instruction folders, Strathmore 500 paper, Arches Text Wove, Canson paper for portfolios, portfolio inserts, contact paper, tracing paper, wax paper, fun-foam for embossing, glue sticks, latex surgical gloves, pastels for lending, powdered graphite, eye shadow brushes, foam wedges, canisters for graphite, gouache, fluid acrylic paints, acrylic markers, matte medium, and various wooden tools for cutting into paint.


Rebecca Wild Rebecca Wild Rebecca Wild

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