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5 Days
All Levels
$15 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Reggie is a teacher. Over the past three decades his year long course “26 Seeds: a Year to Grow” has been among the most highly regarded and sought after in the U.S. and Canada. For a decade before that he taught calligraphy at Loyola University and the Newberry Library of Chicago.

For the last five years his new extended studies course “Primitive to Modern”, as the title suggests, has been an intense fusion of millennia old materials and techniques; calfskin vellum, gilding, quills, dry pigments, and designs (eg. Codex Aureus) with computer and inkjet generated backgrounds, modernized alphabets, contemporary and innovative designs and techniques. The structure, geared to flexibility, generates finished works based on the student’s preference for structured examples or individual initiative and interest. These exciting works have been emailed out weekly since 2009 as “Pic of the Week”, all archived on his website.

Since 2013 he has produced a series of instructional calligraphy DVDs and Portfolios available on his website, with free “trailers”on YouTube.

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Reggie Ezell

Class Description

Every calligrapher needs to have in their repertoire a book hand: a set of lower case Romans. “Foundation”, as Edward Johnston originally named it, is one of the best to ground yourself (initially, or return to) in the fundamentals of lettering. This will be a week of immersion not only in letterforms, but papers, nibs, and writing fluids.

How do you know what a good paper surface feels like? How do you know what the flow of a beautifully controlled fluid feels like? How can you make a nib behave? How confident are you in completing a project? It seems like everyone else has somehow effortlessly laid claim to these, but they are hard-won fundamentals.

By understanding the architecture of the letterforms and the way materials should feel and behave, you will chronicle your learning in the finished book you will take home. Instincts, self trust, intuition: all are founded on informed experience and success.

Supply List

Your favorite broad edge nibs, all sizes
Brause EF66 nib (2)
Horizon 3/8” pen or Hero 10mm nib
Moon Palace Sumi black ink
Double-ended wooden pen handle, round barrel
Mechanical pencil 2H lead
Mechanical pencil lead pointer (sharpener)
White vinyl eraser, preferably pencil shaped
Ruler 18″ or longer
Slant board: optional but highly recommended
11″ x 17″ grid pad made for calligraphy
6-well mixing pan (2)
Mixing brushes (cheap hog hair bristle) (2)
Dropper and water
X-acto knife with #10 and #11 blades
Paper towels
Scotch removable tape
Fingernail buffer/file ( 4 or 6 sided)
Magnifier, 10X or higher
Ball point pen, red fine (optional)
Winsor Newton gum arabic
Good pointed watercolor brush, size 1 or smaller
Powdered gum sandarac in a pouch
Ames lettering guide
Tracing paper, 8 1/2″ x 11” (optional)
Pack of Saral transfer paper (optional)
Good quality black ink stick and grinding stone (optional but highly recommended)

The $15 supply fee includes 2 sheets each of the following papers: Arches Watercolor HP 90#, Union Square Cartridge, Masters Touch Drawing, Strathmore Drawing #400; Writing Fluids – gouaches, watercolors, dry pigments: 12 colors, black stick inks and grinding stones, Writing Implements: quills and wire to make customized reservoirs.


Reggie Ezell Reggie Ezell Reggie Ezell

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