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2.5 Days
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$23 Supply Fee

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Kristen Doty is an artist with a passion for drawing, painting and calligraphy. Her works have been in juried exhibitions and published in magazines, including International Artist Magazine, Drawing Magazine, and Letter Arts Review; and in books including the Strokes of Genius – The Best of Drawing book series (Vols. 2, 3, & 6), as well as prints, posters, greeting cards, logos and book titles.

She enjoys sharing her passion by teaching at conferences and workshops across the USA and abroad, including Belgium, Canada and Japan. Her teaching emphasis is to promote learning in a fun, encouraging, and relaxed atmosphere while also building a solid knowledge of techniques and developing skills students can utilize and integrate in their own work.

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Kristen Doty

Class Description

Even if you didn’t know it, calligraphy is drawing! Therefore, well developed drawing skills are essential for good calligraphy. Learning to draw both classic letterforms and physical objects in the world around us hones our eye/hand coordination and ingrains the shapes and letterforms in our memory. Making letterforms later with a broad edge tool (or any tool) becomes easier, because we actually know and understand the shapes on a deeper level.

We will focus on exercises for drawing both objects and letterforms, with the emphasis on letters. We will draw classical letterforms and experiment with variations, from traditional to playful.

We will study line quality, textures, and draw simple objects and use shading techniques to give the illusion of form, while deepening our understanding of these forms, both two and three dimensional. Color may be used to enhance our drawings.

The pages we create will be sewn together with a simple binding to make our own Drawing & Lettering Sketchbook, serving as a reference and including space to add more drawings and sketches in the future.

Some drawing, calligraphy, and bookbinding experience is helpful, but not required.

Supply List

One pad of Drawing paper size 14” x 17” (20+sheets)
One sheet of Canson Mi-Teintes in a color you like
Graphite drawing pencils: HB, 2B, 4B – brand really doesn’t matter (bring other pencils if you have them: 2H, 3B, 6B, etc.)
Woodless Graphite pencils: HB, 2B
Pencil sharpener (hand held or battery operated)
Pentel Clic Eraser or equivalent (soft white, retractable, pen-sized) and/or a Staedtler Mars Plastic white rectangular eraser
X-acto knife or snap-away knife
Permanent black marker (regular tip is great, fine tip works, too — whatever you have).
Desk lamp (portable swing arm or goose neck – prefer incandescent or halogen lightbulb if available) and extension cord (extremely helpful, but classroom electrical outlet situation will also determine if we can use)
A couple of your favorite calligraphy nibs and a holder (Speedball C-2, C-3 or C-4 and pointed nibs are great)
Black ink or your favorite practice ink (walnut ink, etc.)
Small water container & paper towels or pen rag
Round watercolor brush medium to large size (e.g. #6 – #10)

Optional: Please only bring these if you have them, or want to try them. You don’t need to buy them just for this class.
Any other graphite drawing pencils you may have or want to try: 2H, H, 4B, 6B, etc., and other woodless
Mechanical pencil with graphite leads
Paper stumps and/or tortillons
Artist’s quality colored pencils and/or water soluble colored pencils
Pigma Micron markers
Bone Folder (highly recommended)

The $23 supply fee includes exemplars, drawing kit, models (fruit, vegetable and flowers), needles and linen thread, some paper and other misc. items.


Kristen DotyKristen Doty Kristen Doty

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