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5 Days
$5 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Louise Grunewald teaches lettering, design, and printmaking workshops nationally and maintains her studio, Western Hands, in Durango, Colorado. Her artistic passions include lettering, Solarplate printmaking, watermedia painting, drawing, and the book arts. The texts in her books are her own original writing.

Louise’s studio work is largely inspired by time spent outdoors, and often taken from her sketchbook impressions of the natural world. Her work can be seen in numerous private and public collections, including the Fray Angelico Chavez History Library of the New Mexico History Museum in Santa Fe, the Portland Art Museum in Portland, Oregon, and the Klingspor Museum of Book and Letter Arts in Offenbach, Germany.

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Louise Grunewald

Class Description

On a two-dimensional surface such as paper, artists most often work with a square or rectangular format. From the very beginning, we “come in for a landing” onto this shape, circling as we decide where to place our elements. Concurrently, a square or circle placed within the picture plane can be a grounding element for other parts of the composition. This class will explore the following:

– combining text or letter shapes with background or illustration shapes
– considering different energies: the balance between static and dynamic shapes, formal and informal, feminine and masculine
– breaking out of the box of the page border, breaking into the box of the square
– inquiring about our creative intentions: how we make art and why we make art
– catalyzing excitement for future projects

Our class will be a balancing act of sorts. In a fun and supportive atmosphere, we will free play with our materials and ideas as a way of opening up to seemingly endless possibilities. We will look at letterforms as both text and a design elements. Later we will harness these energies into page designs that can stand on their own with integrity while remaining unique to the individual who created them.

Supply List

Please bring your favorite tools and perhaps some that you have never tried but would like to. I will be bringing along some materials for you to experiment with (which is what the materials fee is for) but do not want to create a huge list of things that you may not use later. Some of the tools and materials that will be used in demonstrations and exercises include:

Graphite pencils of various hardnesses
Fine and micro point black waiting pens such as Uniball…..any black pens with both water soluble and waterproof ink
Colored pencils…..just a few colors
Broad nib calligraphy pens of various sizes (Brause, Tape, Mitchell…whatever you currently use)
A few larger pens, such as Automatic, Tim’s, Luthis, Cola pens, etc
Watercolor or gouache paints…..one or two favorite colors plus black and white
Sumi and walnut ink
Pointed and flat brushes in various sizes
Various papers such as Arches Text Wove, Rives BFK, Cold Press watercolor (90 or 140 lb) or any other acid free paper that will accept dry and wet media
Notebook or pad to take notes with
Apron or smock
Paper towels
X-acto knife
Masking or drafting tape

NOTE: this list may be amended or updated before we meet


Louise Grunewald Louise Grunewald Louise Grunewald

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