Denis Brown

Denis Brown

5 Days
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Denis Brown’s work stems from ancient traditions of manuscript writing, and he has engaged with these since his early teens. Rigorous formal training in traditional calligraphy at London’s Roehampton Institute has formed a strong foundation for later experimental work. His work explodes from and extends traditions of calligraphy in the form of innovative works of art. Widely traveled with his work, he has lectured on four continents, and is internationally recognized as a world leader in the field of Letter Arts.


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Denis Brown

Class Description

The calligrapher’s challenge is not to merely emulate or match the wide range of inspiring historical scripts, but to adapt them to fit modern requirements and aesthetics. Just as a horticulturist might generate a hybrid rose with great fragrance of one parent yet also with the hardiness of the other, the savvy calligrapher might generate a script with Gothic characteristics but also with the rhythm of a contemporary italic. In this class we practice two examples of hybrid scripts as developed by the instructor, combining first Celtic and then Gothic characteristics with different italic rhythms. There will be coaching on advanced pen techniques for those ready for it although easier methods will also be offered for less advanced students. The rhythm of italic shall be discussed in detail and students will leave with the information to develop many different styles of italic as well as the potential to develop new hybrid scripts of their own.

Supply List

Square edged dip-pens: Brause nibs size 3mm & 4mm in particular, in addition to students own preferred brand.
Pad of practice paper 11″x l7″ or larger
Mixing and loading brushes
Finely powdered gum sandarac
A few sheets of a quality paper such as Arches Text Wove or BFK Rives
Optional: These days many students find a smart phone with camera is a convenient way to photograph demonstrations to inform practice at their table.


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