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Ewan Clayton enjoys teaching his fellow calligraphers whatever their level of experience. He is Professor in Design at the University of Sunderland, visiting calligraphy tutor on type programmes at the University of Reading and Cooper Union and a core staff member at The Royal Drawing School, London.

Lettering is in his blood. He grew up near the village of Ditchling in the UK, home to Edward Johnston; three generations of his family worked there in a guild of crafts people founded by Eric Gill.

Ewan’s interest in the written word ranges widely. He worked for 12 years as a consultant to Xerox PARC, researching the future of writing in the workplace. His book on the history of writing The Golden Thread was published in 2013. His real love is articulating the role the entire body plays in writing whatever the medium; he is a qualified somatic coach and body-worker.

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Ewan Clayton

Class Description

You don’t have to have taken part 1 to take this course, just jump straight in! My essay ‘The Calligraphy of the Heart’ (1996) introduced calligraphy as a meditative process and a way of deepening one’s own embodiment. I have developed this practice now over twenty years, qualified as a somatic coach and bodyworker with the Strozzi Institute and come to see western calligraphy as a ‘Do’, a way of life, like the Japanese way of tea. I feel I have reconciled this with my traditional background: growing up in the same village as Edward Johnston, being mentored by his student Irene Wellington, his daughter Priscilla, and by my own teacher Ann Camp.

In this workshop we will mostly focus on pen written Roman Capitals. But carefully tailored tasks will enable us to connect with our voice and identify our aspirations as calligraphers. We will develop individual practices and longer term projects to realise this vision. As a teacher I aim to create a safe and nurturing space where you can enjoy exploring these areas at whatever level of expertise you happen to have. This is a workshop that pays attention to your life beyond this conference and promises to move you closer to being the unique calligrapher that you are.

Supply List

This a basic essentials list, please supplement it with your favourite tools and materials (i.e. gouache, coloured pencils etc.)

Layout paper (not smaller than 11″ by 17″/ A3)
Black ink (not water-proof)
Dip-pens (Brause OR Speedball square cut nibs OR Mitchell/Manuscript/Rexel etc. in various sizes)
Any favourite writing tool or tool you like to draw with (i.e. ruling pen, digital tools, brush)
A monoliner pen
A roll of kitchen towel paper for mopping up


Ewan Clayton Ewan Clayton Ewan Clayton


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