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5 Days
$15 Supply Fee

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Carl Rohrs has been freelance lettering artist and signpainter in Santa Cruz, California since 1977, teacher of Lettering & Typography and Graphic Design at Cabrillo College since 1984. He has been teaching workshops in modern pen and brush calligraphy techniques throughout the U.S. and Canada since 1986, and around the world since 2005 — Europe, Australia, Japan and South Africa. He is currently editor of Alphabet, the Journal of the Friends of Calligraphy. His brush lettering is the masthead for Letter Arts Review.




Carl RohrsClass Description

Strategy and feeling really changes the longer and smaller you have to write with the brush — flat and, especially, pointed brush. I did a long commission awhile ago, the client’s own poetry — eight feet tall, around 70 lines. Work like that is an extremely different animal than a headline. Size of brush and letter really changes what pressure needs to be. Plus, it had to fit a specifically sized place. When I was done, I felt that my control had taken a leap, but I’d also learned much more than I’d expected — about planning, about strategies to remain consistent, about seeing and reacting to what was happening. Because a brush is more pressure-driven than most pen work, the discipline to stay consistent is of paramount importance, but ways to make that happen can be surprising. Brush-work’s first come-on to you is the freedom of movement it promises, but its challenge is the discipline to control consistency. The new freedom then becomes you determining what your consistency will be.

The class will be presenting brushwork in all of its possibilities, big & short AND small & long, but the concentration on that second combination will have dramatic effect on the first. Carol & Katherine asked me specifically to teach a week-long brush class, so it might as well be as comprehensive and immersive a class in all the possibilities of the brush as I’ve ever had the chance to offer. Prepare to be challenged, to begin your biggest brush piece ever, and to gain new command over your skills with brushes of all kinds.

Supply List

Flat and pointed brushes
Large paper
More later

Instructor will contact students directly.

The $15 supply fee is for a large, spiral-bound workbook.


Carl Rohrs Carl RohrsCarl Rohrs

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