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Julian Waters is an internationally renowned lettering designer whose work has been widely published. He has received many awards including Type Directors Club, Print, LAR, and Graphis. Starting in 1979, Julian studied with the legendary calligrapher and type designer Hermann Zapf who became a longtime friend and mentor. When Julian was still in his 20s, Zapf asked him to succeed him at RIT, teaching the annual 2-week summer masterclasses. Waters’ typefaces include Adobe Waters Titling Pro family and Jefferson for Monticello. In the 1990s, Waters taught typography at Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. In 2001, he was part of the Zapfest exhibition, San Francisco. In 1997, he was The Rubenstein Resident Artist at Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC. In 2003, his publication, From Rough Sketch to Final Art, was issued.

In 2013, Julian edited and designed the retrospective, Sheila Waters at 80, and in 2016 he wrote and designed the acclaimed monograph Hermann Zapf: A Life in Letters. In 2016, Sheila and Julian completed work on Waters Rising, Letters from Florence, a 500-page book about his father Peter Waters’ leadership in the restoration work following the 1966 Florence Flood. Waters has taught over 100 workshops for lettering professionals across the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Japan. Julian has taught several times at Cooper Union, NY, and Wells College, NY, including digital font design. He has taught multi-weekend courses on various lettering subjects, recently a year-long course on eight weekends for a group of NY graphic designers.

Julian Waters

Class Description

While Gothic Textura hands are mostly rectilinear, Fraktur can be more playful, with subtly curving and swelled elements, and more hairlines. Fraktur owes its beginnings to a handful of early 16th century artists including Albrecht Dürer and Johann Neudörffer the Elder, considered the father of German Renaissance calligraphy. Neudörffer’s teaching methods included the concepts of shape groups, ductus groups, stroke order and variation, and alphabets strings to reinforce form and spacing.

Over the next 500 years, Fraktur spread and developed into many different written, engraved and typographic directions. We will explore historical forms and later variations. Inspiration will come from Julian’s work and 20th century masters such as Koch, Spemann, Zapf, Linz, Eberhardt, Kapr, Korger, Poppl, Schneider and others.

Supply List

Largest Pilot Parallel pens
Largest Speedballs (C-0,C-1,C-2) or equivalent Mitchell, Brause etc.
Large poster pens (1/2 – 3/4″) e.g. Coit, Horizon etc.
Good layout paper, at least 14” x 17″, & your other favorite papers!
Higgins Eternal black ink or other good non waterproof ink (please test for bleeding before workshop.)
White color such as Dr Martins Bleed Proof White or Pro white
Some dark colored papers


Julian Waters Julian Waters Julian Waters

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