Cherryl Moote

Cherryl Moote

5 Days
All Levels
$40 Supply Fee

Instructor Bio

Cherryl Moote has been a paper artist for over thirty years. Her specialties include bookbinding, calligraphy, and paper decorating. Cherryl has taught throughout North America and is the author of a series of bookbinding and papercrafting books. She devotes a large part of her time to teaching, inspiring and connecting with other artists around the world. For more about Cherryl and her work go to her company website.



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Cherryl Moote

Class Description

Letters can be used in a myriad of ways and in this class we will explore at least 26 of them! This class is a guided tour through the wonderful world of calligraphic peripherals. Keeping ourselves firmly grounded in letters we’ll try experiments with writing tools, writing mediums, writing surfaces and a plethora of art and craft techniques.

We’ll try bookbinding, cardmaking, drawing, practice techniques (yes, practicing), sculpting, pop-up, silhouetting, cutting, frottage, mail art, applique, quilting, collage, chine colle, pouchoir, carving, bargello, aging…all of the techniques you have been dying to try but never had the time, the space or the materials to before. You will learn so many things to do with an alphabet and so much about tools and materials that the years ahead will be filled to overflowing with good ideas to explore.

Supply List

Notebook or sketchbook
Automatic pencil
2B pencil, HB pencil and sharpener and any other lead pencils you like working with
White eraser
Kneaded eraser
Craft knife or scalpel and a number of extra#11 blades
Self-healing cutting mat
bone folder
Embossing tool
Paper slitting knife
Scissors (large and fine)
18” stainless steel ruler with cork back
Omnigrid Ruler (6” x 12” recommended)
6-10 coloured pencils including a white pencil
Small set of pan watercolours or a few tubes of watercolours
6-8 Nupastels or a few PanPastels including a light, medium and dark colour
Walnut ink and container with lid to mix it in
Very basic calligraphy set including pen holders, some variety of nibs, mixing pan
Linex or Ames Lining guide and mechanical pencil to fit holes
Ruling pen
Fountain pen or parallel pen you already have
Few brushes you love to write with
1” or larger inexpensive flat brush
One or two tubes of gouache in colours you love to work with
Few fine point black or dark brown pens with fairly waterproof ink
One or two white gel pens
Small fine mister (2 or 3 if you have them)
2 fresh glue sticks
10-15 pieces of decorated, distinctive or natural paper that need to be no larger than 8” x 10”
Water container

The $40 supply fee includes all of the text papers and covers to make a large (approx 10”x12”) long stitch book, linen thread, papers for folding projects, many of the tools and materials for the techniques covered in the class and various fluids for experimentation.


Cherryl Moote Cherryl Moote Cherryl Moote

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