Seattletters is grateful to, and proud to honor, the following donors and sponsors for their generous support of the 37th Annual International Lettering Arts Conference.

Contact us with any sponsorship questions.

Quill Whisperers ($2,000 Plus)


Brush Masters ($1,500—$1,999)

St John's Bible Logo
The Saint John’s Bible

E. Marita Sheeran

Pen Masters ($1,000—$1,499)

Anonymous (1)
Portland Society for Calligraphy

Graphite Masters ($500—$999)

Jim and Alice Chin
Lisa Leong-Tsang

Chalk Masters ($100—$499)

Fairbank Calligraphy Society
Sandy Hanower
Bill Henderson Scholarship Fund, Write On Calligraphers
Sue Gruhn
Katherine Malmsten

Nature Marker Masters ($1—$99)

Roxana Augusztiny
Linda R. Barker
Robin Gebhart
Dewey Henderson
Becky Kelly
Nancy Larsen​
My Nguyen
Linda O’Neill
Amy Pilon
Becky Riepe
Lucinda K. Rigas
Nan Robkin
Maria Romero
Carol Rutte
Shannon Savage
Gail Shurgot
Shyla Smith

In-kind Donors


Atlanta Friends of the Alphabet  ▪  Big Sky Scribes, the Statewide ▪  Black Thumb Vintage
Book Arts Guild  ▪  ▪  Capital City Scribes ▪  Chicago Calligraphy Collective
Colophon Book Arts  ▪  Colorfin  ▪  Entropy Ink/Nik’s Nibs  ▪  Envisia Dentistry
Estate of George Yanagita  ▪  Flying Bird Botanicals  ▪  Idaho Inkspots
Katherine Malmsten & Sue Gruhn  ▪  Myrlin von Glahn  ▪  Nibs ‘N’ Inks
Pacific Scribes  ▪  Peninsula Scribes  ▪  Portland Society for Calligraphy
Private Reserve  ▪  Rain Writers  ▪  Reggie Ezell ▪  S.W. Calligraphy Guild
Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting  ▪  Society for Calligraphy Southern California
The Saint John’s Bible  ▪  Warmland Calligraphers  ▪  Westcoast Calligraphy Society
Write On Calligraphers